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We’re here with a carbon negative footprint. And are decarbonising our world with our biodiesel.

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Biodiesel from UCO

Over 5 million litres of UCO based biodiesel. We have pioneered the art of making biodiesel from locally sourced UCO in India. And are probably the only organisation to have achieved this feat! In 2011 we initiated this disruptive idea to bring on board a band of dischargers in the form of FBOs, Hotel Chains, Restaurants, & Caterers and to educate them on the facts that havoc UCO potentially has on human health. After years of deliberations and relentless pursuance, we are the largest UCO collecting biodiesel manufacturing company in India

Greenergiser - Biodiesel processor

Our indigenously designed and developed biodiesel processor range to suit various requirements of start-up community who wish to enter this industry. Our solutions are realistic and affordable and are designed to handle low to high FFA feedstocks. Our years of research and development now makes international standards biodiesel manufacturing within reach. Our Greenergiser range of processors are part of the turnkey solutions that we provide for our clients who desire to install biodiesel production ranging from 5 tons/day onwards.

Innovation Centre

Our research team is giving shape to new products at our Innovation Centre giving us new hopes and aspirations for a safe and sustainable future for our new generation.

Eco Green has pioneered the art of being circular in the process of converting biodiesel from locally sourced Used Cooking Oil since 2012.

Much ahead of Europe in evolving the Circular Economy model, we are EGF have been pioneering the art of being Circular. Our feedstocks have always been local waste streams, our process lines have been environment-friendly and our clients are located at a furthest distance of not more than 200 kilometres from our plant making it possible to keep our carbon footprint low.
Moreover, we are the only biodiesel organisation that earn the repute of being carbon negative. Much of this attributed to the forestry program developed a decade ago where 15000 biofuel species help in sequestrating CO2 from our Ozone layer, while rejuvenating the soil conditions consistently.

The world is headed towards being Circular and why not? Its time all responsible organisations did and we are proud we have a set a precedent for others to follow.

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