Who we are

We are commercial biodiesel manufacturers commencing our journey by accomplishing our CSR commitment. We proudly own a forest developed on arid piece of land with over 15000 trees of biofuel species.

We are a team of passionate & creative souls backed by eminent scientists and are here to disrupt the conventional mode of operations in the biofuel sector.

Eco Green is built with purpose, not one but all those that meaningfully help in generating environment-friendly derivatives that not only protect our environment but ensuring safe health of mankind.

At EGF we’re building facilities to manufacture our valued products and an Innovation Space engaging specialists in varied fields to give the world a bouquet of products set fo come out of our stable.

The world now gets to access our breakthrough technological marvel “Greenergiser” – our indigenously designed & developed biodiesel processors for the start-ups giving them realistic solutions in biodiesel processing at affordable costs.

We are promising, we are committed and we are on our way to become a world class entity in bringing about disruptive technologies in the biofuel industry.